MIM Portal Patch Fails

Just a quick post. I ran into an issue updating the MIM Portal. Looking at logs, I found a line reading that a step had failed. The step that failed was just a quick command line run of net start fimservice. Odd step to fail on right?

After running the updater a few times I figured out the issue. The service just was not starting within the 5 second or so time limit of the net start command. Net start returned a non-zero return code and the fim portal service updater treated that as a failure.

The fix is pretty easy though. That net start command spawns in a new cmd prompt window. When you see it, just highlight a character inside the cmd prompt window and that will freeze the command. Check to ensure the fimservice service is started, then press the “enter” key while in cmd prompt to allow it to continue. Net start will see the service is running and return zero to the updater and the updater will happily finish up. Just keep in mind, you have to watch out for that cmd prompt, you only have about a 5 second window to catch and pause it!