Uac Parser

Parse Active Directory UACs

Individual Flags

Flag Name Hexadecimal Decimal
Account Disabled0x00022
Homedir Required0x00088
Account Locked Out0x001016
Password Not Required0x002032
User Cannot Change Password0x004064
Allow Reversible Password0x0080128
Temporary Duplicate Account0x0100256
Normal Account0x0200512
Interdomain Trust Account0x08002048
Workstation Trust Account0x10004096
Server Trust Account0x20008192
Password Never Expires0x1000065536
MNS Logon Account0x20000131072
Smartcard Required0x40000262144
Trusted for Delegation0x80000524288
No Delegation Allowed0x1000001048576
Use DES Encryption Only0x2000002097152
Don't Require Kerberos Pre-Auth0x4000004194304
Password Expired0x8000008388608
Account Trusted for Delegation0x100000016777216
Partial Secrets Account0x0400000067108864

This information is under a Creative Commons attribution license and is based on Microsoft Documents. Some edits were made to make the properties more readable.

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