Fractal Generator

Use the form below to generate a fractal. Warning though, this is computationally intensive. If you try and generate a large image, it will take longer to process and your browser may become unresponsive. If you let it sit, it should eventually finish, or you may have to force-close your browser... :/ I made this to play around with using web assembly.

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If you like the generated image, right-click and select save to keep it.


This controls the size of the image drawn in pixels.


This is the start of where we draw from the complex plane. The top left part of the image will be mapped to the complex plane at this location. Changing this will move the fractal about the image, for example, if you need to center it.


This is how far we travel the complex plane from the start position. You can think of this like the zoom level. Smaller numbers here will zoom into the fractal.

This is how many recursive operations we perform to get the value of a point on the complex plane. Lower numbers give more bloby results, where higher numbers will give finer details to the fractal. Higher numbers will also impact performance when generating though.


When generating a Julia fractal, this is the C value used in the recursive calculation. This does nothing for Mandelbrot fractals. Changing this will change the shape of the fractal.

Generate a Mandelbrot or a Julia fractal. Mandelbrot will recursively calculate Z*Z+Z where Julia fractals recursively generate Z*Z+C. Where Z is the location in the complex plane.

These are various functions that may be used.

If this is selected, colors will gradient both based on colors selected below, and the fractal value. This is always used if only 1 color is selected.

Below here, you can set the colors used in the generated image. The percent relates to how fast a specific pixel drift to infinity. This is in a range of 0-1, and relates to where the color is used in the image. In practice, the higher the percentage specified, the closer toward the fractal shape the color will appear. Low percents will show outward from the fractal shape.

  • Percent, Red, Green, Blue, Swash, Remove

Finally here you can set the color of the fractal shape itself. This is the color used where the value never drifts to infinity within the defined iteration count. This is in Red Green Blue values, 0-255.