Here is my list of software recommendations, all of which are free for home users, and generally without BS like advertising.

  • Wiztree

    A useful progrem to see where all your free space is going. Similiar to WinDirStat but commically faster!


    This powerhouse of a tool can do many of the simpler video-editing sorta stuff you may run accross. You can add, remove, strip audio, convert video and audio between formats, resize, crop, or any number of things. It's super usefull. One major downside though, it's officially command-line only.

  • ImageMagick

    Speaking of FFMPEG, ImageMagick is pretty awesome too. Like FFMPEG but for images.

  • GIMP

    Like Adobe Photoshop, but you know... free.

  • Inkscape

    Like Adobe Illustrator, but you know... free.

  • VLC

    Most people know this one, but if you do not, it's the easiest way to play any number of audio and video files.

  • Blender

    Good for 3d animation and modeling. It's powerful but has a bit of a learning curve.

  • FireFox

    Most people are aware of FireFox, but still gotta recommend it along with uBlock Origin and NoScript. Use all 3 and the internet is a vastly better place. NoScript does have a bit of a drawback as you have to allow JavaScript on a per-domain basis generally. But man, it's worth it. With honorable mention for Up-To-Eleven, which is an audio compressor. It's great for youtube videos that have incosist audio levels, like meme compilations. No bells and whistles, just enable it whenever you are watching a video that keeps going from a whisper to a scream and this will fix it.

  • f.lux

    Changes the color of your computer monitor, removing blue light to help you sleep better. Ignoring that though, it has settings you can enable to drastically reduce eyestrain, which is great if you are suffering a headache.

  • 7-Zip

    Like WinRar/WinZip... but you know... free.

  • Notepad++

    It's a solid text document editor. It's not overly complex, does not have all the bells and whistles of dedicated IDEs, but for quick edits, it's awesome.