Here are some links that I feel may be worth a look, maybe when you are bored. Warning, some of these may lead you down rabbit holes.

  • Archive.Org

    Archives of all sorts of stuff. These are also the people behind the wayback machine which is a usefull tool to know.

  • JustForFun.IO

    A list of interesting curated list of web projects. They are fun to play around with a bit.


    There are a list of generally self-made static pages that people use are their personal blogs. Not locked into a specific platform or style, these pages have a very personal touch to them. The quality and topics range vastly from page to page. It's almost like browsing tumblr in a way. Below is a sub-list of pages I found at least mildly interesting.

    • Plasticdino

      An art and interest blog. I liked their reviews of Terrible dinosaure statues

    • Eldritchdata

      A personal page diving into topics of self-reliance, and technical security. Funnily enough, you must disable JavaScript in your browser to view this page.

    • Birds And Stars

      A pleasant to look at page. Has some links to try and help with mental health, but it tickles me that they have a page dedicated to different bedroomes as depicted in anime

    • Melonking

      Responsibly for my latest website iteration. They used to have a search engine for neocities and other blog sites that I was diving down. The search engine is gone, but there are other things here to look at. If you do want to search neocities, they have an official search on their page.

  • Bogleech

    A big list of monsters and creepy crawlies and reviews/commentary on them. If you like monsters and such, definently take a look at this one.

  • Cryptid Wiki

    As close to a universal bestiary as we'll likely get.

  • SDF Public Access UNIX System

    I discovered these people when I was diving down a rabbit hole to see how the internet looked... pre-web. Here you can get a free Unix shell, interact with a BBS, and generally poke about now-archaic technologies and games.

  • Text Files

    This is a site dedicated to preserving older text files. It serves as a good example of what content could be found on old BBSs.