Chilli Tiered Reviews

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Cambells Chunky Chilli
Amy's Organic Black Bean Chilli

Cambells Chunky Chilli:

The flavor is decent but it does not really stand out and it is not very spicy. More chilli powder and cayenne would be nice. It is however savory and very filling with a decent texture. All in all, it's pretty worth it but misses out on a perfect score.


Amy's Organic Black Bean Chilli:

It's very savory, decently filling. It has a somewhat unique flavor compared to the other chillis. Like it's still chilli, but not quite the classic flavor you'd expect. It's not bad by any means though. The texture is fine. It has almost no spiciness however. It tastes good, which is better than I expected considering it is low-fat acording to the can, vegetarian and has almost half the calories of other chillis I've reviewed. It's surprisingly good and worth a try, vegetarian or no.

Wolf Brand Chilli, With Beans
Campbell's Chunky Hot and Spicy With Beans

Wolf Brand Chilli, With Beans:

I found it! Pretty good, but somehow not as great as I thought it would be compared to the no-beans version. This was the spiciest chilli I have tried so far. It's still not alot, but certainly more noticeable than most chillis. Flavor is good and the beans do improve the chilli.


Campbell's Chunky Hot and Spicy With Beans:

Actually spicey! Not unbearably so though, and the burns comes with actual pepper flavors in it, not just pure capsaicin. It's also decently filling. It has that forcibly thickened texture though, not a fan of that. Oddly enough, the non-spicey version was less obviously thickened. This one testes better, but the non-spicy is better in texture.

Wolf Brand Chilli, No Beans
Hormel Angus and Beans Chilli
Hormel Chilli with Beans
Lidl Homestyle Chilli with Beans
Amy's Organic Chilli, Medium
Amy's Organic Chilli, Spicy

Wolf Brand Chilli, No Beans:

The flavor is good but a bit strong and edges on cloying after a while. This seems like it would be better used as a topping or mixed with stuff. Spiciness is not bad, not super strong but noticable. I would rate this higher depending on how you use it. This would be perfect as a topping on rice, salad, nachos or hotdogs. Maybe there is a version with beans. That would be worth a try if I can find it.


Hormel Angus and Beans Chilli:

Soupier than I like my chillis. The beef is in these bean-sized balls instead of nice grounds. It's like someone threw meatballs into the chilli. The spiciness is there, but not overwhelming. Some will prefer it hotter, but I find it fine. The sauce has the texture of something forcibly thickened though, like that slightly slimey texture. The same texture you may get in alot of cheap canned soups and stews. Overall, it's not terrible, but I would search out other chilli over this.


Hormel Chilli with Beans:

Tastes alright. It's very savory and filling. It has a bit of the artificial thickener thing going on though, with that sometimes slimey texture. The spices could be improved. The spiciness level is pretty mild but it is there. It's an ok chilli.


Lidl Homestyle Chilli with Beans:

Tastes alright. Savory, decently filling. Mild spiciness. It's got some of that artificial thickener going on. It's a generic chilli.


Amy's Organic Chilli, Medium:

Flavor is muted and sometimes seems to border on sweet. It's not the chunkiest chilli, but not the soupiest either. Despite being medium, there is practically no spiciness to it. I learned these next parts after reading the can. It has slightly less calories than most other chillis. The real surprising thing though, there is no meat in this chilli. Props there, I straight up thought it was beef grounds. Nope, tofu. If you want a healthier chilli though, just go with Amy's Black Bean Chilli. Same company, but a far better execution... wonder if they would consider throwing their faux beef grounds into their black bean chilli... Anywho, not the worst chilli, but kinda dissapointing.


Amy's Organic Chilli, Spicy:

Similiar to the non-spicy version. It's more definitively savory and spicy but it still doesn't have much going in the way of flavor. The mild version seems to have more flavor in general, but this version is more savory and spicy.

Hormel Turkey Chilli, No Beans

Hormel Turkey Chilli, No Beans:

The general flavor is similiar to other hormel chillis however without anything interesting. No peppers or veggies and it's pretty runny. Not spicy. Very meh to the point of being not great. It's not absolutely disgusting, but definitely dissapointing all around.